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Say it with a marquee!

Looking for a fun way to celebrate a milestone?  Then say it with a marquee! Birthdays, anniversaries and more! 

Order a personalized marquee graphic to be featured on the world famous El Capitan Theatre marquee on Hollywood Boulevard!

Click here to place your order or read below for package information. 

Personalized Messages on El Capitan Marquee 

The El Capitan Package - $200
• Your message appears in rotation with theatre content for 8 hours (appearing at least once per hour)
• Static hold on the marquee at a mutually agreed upon time
• Digital photograph of your Marquee Message

The Hollywood Package - $100
• Your message appears in rotation with theatre content for 4 hours (appearing at least once per hour)
• Digital photograph of your Marquee Message

The Digital Package - $25
• Digital photograph of your Marquee Message

Guests purchasing the El Capitan or Hollywood Package package have the option to add animated graphic elements (additional $50 charge) 

Click here to place your order.  A cast member will contact you by phone before the end of the next business day to confirm your order and collect payment.  All sales are final once payment is processed.  

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